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hello! i'm looking for solid black brand socks, preferrably OTK, but i will consider knee-highs. condition should be NW(O)T or lightly used only. in general they should be completely solid, but of course a logo or something is okay. in particular, these baby socks would be lovely!

if you have socks that are predominately black, with a little bit of other color(s), i'll still take a look =], but please don't be offended if you shoot you down. i'm looking to pay $10-$25 shipped max, depending on the kind of socks. if it's moitie i'll add in a bit extra :] sorry, but not looking for offbrand at the moment! thanks for your time ^^

★ things i have to (partially) trade for include:
[ bodyline butterfly skirt / strawberry swimmer headphones / AP mirror ]
[ lady rose skirt / fantastic dolly OTKs ]

please note that reaction time may be a bit slow due to the LJ DDoS recovery, and because this listing is for a friend (so i will need her input). if you have any questions, or would like to offer through a different medium, feel free to email me at saccharine [dot] luck [at] gmail [dot] com.

★ here is my feedback.
Tags: !wtb, any brand

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