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DS: Bodyline floral/classic and sweet

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Hey all,

I'm having a bit of a clearout and it's clear these bits and pieces have to go. This is my first sale so please excuse my lack of feedback.

I've given what I feel is a fair price but feel free to make an offer. I'm happy to take a few extra photos. Please bear in mind that unless otherwise stated, the dresses run quite small and will fit no larger than a UK 12-14 (with straining).
In the event that more than one person wants the item I will sell to whoever posted first and is able to pay there and then.

All prices are exclusive of postage, which will be worked out using Royal Mail's postage calculator. I will give you a P&P price before you agree to a sale. If you want insurance, tracking, etc, please let me know and I'll work out what Royal Mail can do!
UK lolis note: I can deliver in person at the Bristol zoo meet, in London, or at Ayacon. This is my preferred option.

My proof is Chompy the Wonder-rex

Cream/ red overbust corset skirt £30 

Cotton skirt with shaped boning. I've sewn some of the boning in more securely as it looks like it might escape!

Blue/cream floral JSK £35

I love this dress but it's just a bit too small for me! Semi-shirred. This is so beautiful and I'm sad to see it go, but I hope it goes to someone who will wear it more!

Red and cream floral skirt £15

Semi-shirred cotton skirt with built-in petti. Includes waist ties, but is missing buttons and a clip-on ribbon with pearls. Pretty sure the ribbon is  around somewhere, but cannot currently find it due to my entire life being in boxes atm. I'll send on the ribbon if I find it later!

Love Nadia JSK in green (actually blue) £15 ON HOLD

Fully shirred OP in a grey-blue (which is BL's idea of green, apparently). It's a nice print, but it's not really me. Plus-size friendly!

HypnoPonies JSK in caramel with bag £20

This JSK is in T2L size so it's very long and has lots of breathing room. BL advertises this as being for girls 5'7" and above, but it still seems very long on me. There's really tiny faint foundation sploshes on the bodice which I've circled above; this really was the best of about 30 photos, sorry! I'm throwing in the tote bag with it too.

New Look cream sheer blouse size 12 £4

This is a semi-sheer chiffony blouse that's not nearly as shiny as it seems in the pictures! It has cute pintucks and ruffles and is a nice alternative to peter pan collars. It's a UK 12, so it's a wee bit small for me.
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