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DS! Closet Cleaning! Nothing Over $50! (Bodyline & Offbrand)

Hi lovelies! I am moving into a new apartment soon, and want to clean out my closet of some of my old pieces before I go!

This is my first sale on egl_comm_sales, but here is my feedback: Right Here!


-Priority goes to first person willing to pay in full and who provides their PP!

-I do have an adorable kitty~ but I try to keep her away from my closet! I will however roll all pieces just to make sure before shipping.

-You pay the paypal fee, or send payment as gift, up to you!

-I will ship ASAP and notify you when I do!

-US buyers only, unless you want to work out shipping to another country with me!

-All prices are in USD!

-This is my proof of ownership! <3


1. Not Being Sold


2. Offbrand Cream One Piece
Condition: Worn but Good!
Price: $40 + Shipping (Or Best Offer)



3. Sold, thanks! <3
Pink Bodyline JSK
Condition: Worn once! Great Condition!
Price: $35 + Shipping (Or Best Offer)
Size: M
(Comes with bow pin at the top of the hanger!)



4. White Bodyline Blouse
Condition: Only Tried On! Like New!
Price: $25 + Shipping (Or Best Offer)
Size: M

Neck Detailing:


5. Sold, thank you! <3
Bodyline Offwhite Boots
Condition: Only Tried On! Like New! (The boots themselves look a bit aged, but that's the style of the boot. I bought them and never had anything I wanted to wear them with!)
Price: $45 + Shipping (Or Best Offer)
Japanese Size: 24.5


6. Bodyline Pink Shoes
Condition: Worn, but good! Some minor scratches shown below. (The pictures of the imperfections look darker because I had to take the flash off)
Price: $15 + Shipping (Or Best Offer)
Japanese Size: 24.5

Imperfections (Hardly Noticeable):


Thank you for looking! <3

Tags: !ds, bodyline, offbrand

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