Black, Chérie? (blackcherie) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Black, Chérie?

WTB Metamorphose Wishlist

Hi! I'm trying to get some of my dream dresses they are all from Metamorphose. Can you help?

Please Notice:
You will be shipping to Portugal, so please include shipping for my country ^-^
I'll pay by paypal
I prefer EU sellers
I am aware that some of this might be found at mbook or yahoojp but I prefer not to use a SS
My feed back: HERE

Nostalgic Chessboard High Waist JSK Blue or Black version

Old Emblem Ribbon JSK in any color the Lucky pack version is ok too!

Perfume Bottle in black LP version is ok too

Fairy Playing Cards Shirring JSK this version only

Candy Star Rabbit Shirring JSK this version only

Has you can see I love meta, so if you have any other dresses for sale that you'd like to suggest, please let me know
Tags: !wtb, metamorphose

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