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DS: closet cleaning, sailor OP, black blouse, AP hair ties and other accessories.

I ship from Texas, shipping is included in the price (within the US) unless stated otherwise.
I accept Pay Pal and do not charge additional fees.
Prices in USD
Feel free to make an offer/ask questions

Off brand sailor OP (Momo's Ebay company)

Description: Very well made dress, I simply don't wear it enough anymore. It has soft eyelet lace and functioning front buttons (no zippers). There is also lace-up shirring on the back. Worn several times, no flaws. Cant fit a variety of sizes, max waist and bust is about 40"/42", though I recommenced smaller due to the lack of a zipper (The front buttons may gap at larger sizes). I wore it at 37"/30" and it fit fine with plenty of room to spare. The shirring panel is not visible when tightly laced.

Off brand black blouse (no tag)

Description: In good used condition, the sleeves are just a little too poofy for my taste. Would not recommend for measurements over 36"/29" (to avoid gaping).
Price: $25 shipped

Angelic Pretty poodle hair ties

Description: Bought them off the sales comm because they were cheap. Never worn.


MintyMix rings

Strawberry deco necklace, bought at a convention.
Price: $4 shipped

Description: Set of nautical themed hair bands, they look cute with the dress ;) 
Price: $3.50 shipped

Description: Gold heart lock & key earrings, never used

Description: Purple bow bobby pins from F21, never used

Description: Hello Kitty hair bands, never used
Price: $2 shipped

Description: Black lace choker, adjustable closure, never used
Thank you for looking!

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, offbrand

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