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!DS AP, Btssb, VM, ETC, JetJ, MAM, PH, IW, JM, LL & Offbrand

All Items Above The SOLD Line are Currently Available or Payment Pending! I am constantly updating!

I'm applying for a Working Holiday Visa and I need to get rid of all my current backlog since that would mean I'm moving soon.
Feel free to make offers if anything is priced too high!

If you have trouble commenting please email me at yourjellyfish(at)gmail(dot)com! <3

Payment by paypal or bank account if you live in Sweden. I pay the fees.

I Ship from Stockholm, Sweden.
Price to ship a blouse or accessory is usually 12$
Price To ship a skirt: 17$
Price To ship a dress: 32$
Shipping several items will usually be the same price as the dress shipping depending on how many items and how big they are.
The dress shipping allows packing up to about 2lbs/1kg.
Shipping usually takes about 2 weeks since it's 1st class airmail, hopefully less.

Express or Insured is 14$ extra, both come with tracking.

I ship out items within a week of completed sale.

I can meet up with you if you live / are willing to come to Stockholm or if you are going to Närcon next week.

If more than one person are interested in the same item it goes to the highest bidder. However if they both offer the same it goes to the first person who left their paypal.


If you are interested in anything in my old post let me know here or by pm and I will try to arrange something. These items are in Vancouver, Canada atm.

NO Trades! <3

AP Bloom JSK (New)

Measurements according to Hello Lace: 91cm length, 90cm bust, 70cm waist. It does both stretch (at least 2-4cm)
and can go a lot smaller because of shirring, corset lacing and waist ties.
Price: 160$

Btssb Gingham Rose Ribbon (New)

Measurements according to hello lace: 87cm length, 82cm bust, 76cm waist, 65cm sleeve length (short sleeves: 26cm)
It fits me at a 86cm bust though.
Price: 120$

Jane Marple Spotted JSK

Max bust: 92cm/36" Waist is free

Jane Marple Checkered OP

Max bust: 88cm/34" Max waist: 72cm/28"
Price: 65$

ETC Pink Spotted JSK

Max bust: 86cm/33.5" Max waist: 68cm/26.5"
Price: 75$

ETC Cutsew

Max measurements: Bust: 84cm & Waist: 80cm Arms are 56cm long.
Price: 50$

Liz Lisa Bolero (New)

Price: 20$

Liz Lisa Knit

Price: 15$

Smiley Cutsew (New)

Picture of back ribbon:
Price: 5$

Offbrand Cardigan

Price: 5$

ETC Wrist Watch

Price: 65$

ETC White Kneesocks (New)

Price: 15$

Damaged Goods

JetJ Velvet JSK
Dress has several rips in the "velvet" but is still a very very gorgeous dress.
Would do well as perhaps a photoshoot dress with a spooky theme!
Price: 70$

Shirley Temple Flower JSK

Max bust: 86cm/33.5" Max waist: 68cm/26.5"
Has two light bleach spots on skirt close to waist, barely visible and not photographable.
Price: 60$


AP Strawberry Bag

A lot of wear and the strawberry on the zipper broke off and was replaced by a ribbon.
Still a lovely and durable bag!
Price: 50$/SOLD

ETC Flower Garden Skirt

Waist: max 72cm, partially elasticised waist.
Price: 60$ / SOLD

ETC Gold Socks

Price: 10$ / SOLD

BtssB Beret

Price: 40$ / SOLD

VM Velvet Skirt

Skirt featurers a corset boned waist with corset lacing.
Recomended waist is around 70cm, can be made smaller.
Zipper is broken and needs to be replaced, an easy fix.
Price: 50$ / SOLD

Mam Velvet JSK

Measurements: Max bust: 94cm/37" Waist: free
Price: 60$ / SOLD

ETC Ballerina OP (NWT)

Max bust: 88cm/34" Max Waist: 72cm / 28"
Price: 75$ / SOLD

IW Angels and Roses bag

Price: 100$ / SOLD

Pink House Blouse

Max measurements: Bust & Waist 97cm
Price: 50$ / SOLD

IW Blouse

Max bust 88cm/34! Max Waist: 72cm/27"
Price: 50$ / SOLD

Shirley Temple Cinderella JSK

Max bust: 86cm/33.5" Max waist: 68cm/26.5"
Price: 65$ / SOLD

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