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WTB! BlackXWhite Dress, chocomint accessories, and more!

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Hello! This is my first WTB in awhile so please bear with me OTL

♥ I am from Hawaii.
♥ US Only please DX Sorry... I can't afford international shipping at this moment.

♔I am currently looking for a blackXwhite dress for a get together I will be attending in September. I prefer brand but off brand is good too♥ I would really like if the dress was maid-like but if it is not that is okay too :3 Also if it is possible, I am also looking for an apron and some sort of blackxwhite or white headdress. I have one but it is kind of on the smaller side (length wise).

Example #1
Example #2
Example #3
Example #4

My measurements
Bust: 35/36in
Waist: 30/32 in
Height: 4'11" (If that helps ^^')

♔I also need some chocomint accessories. I really want some hair pieces :3

♔ This is just extra: I want a Chocomint wig. I fell in love with the split pinkXlavender one. If someone is willing to part with one, please let me know >.<

Example #1

♔One last thing, I am looking for a new petti. I really want a lavender one >.< Though I am open to other colors ^^ Just no yellow please D:

♔Overall, I am looking to spend about... $50-$100 on the dress, $2-$10 for chocomint accessories, $20-ish for a headdress, and $10-$30 on a petti. If it is worth more, I am willing to go a little higher :3

Thank you got looking! ^^♥
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, chocomint, offbrand
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