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DA: AATP - Scent of Rapunzel JSK II + headbow - Navy colour

 Feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/280683.html
- Shipping is not included in the prices, please state whether you'd like registered or not, if you don't state I'll automatically quote the most basic shipping, excluding tracking and insurance
- I ship from the Netherlands

- Paypal fees are also NOT included. 3.9% €0.35 fees will be added.
Only paypal for those outside of the EU
(For those within the EU, I also accept banktransfer)

- More pictures can be taken upon request also don't hesitate to ask questions, I'll try my best to answer them as correctly as I can ^^

- Please leave your bid excluding shipping costs

- If you've won the auction, I'm willing to hold your item/do a payment plan, IF you pay a 30% deposit of your final bid (you must tell me this before the auction ends, including when you'll send your next payment.)
- If you've won the auction, please send me your paypal on the same day, so I can invoice you. Invoice (or the 30% deposit) needs to be paid within 24hrs

Auction will end on Saturday (August 6th), at 20.00h local time, which is GMT +2

AATP - Scent of Rapunzel JSK II + headbow - Navy colour

hellolace entry: hellolace.net/wardrobe/alice-and-the-pirates/type/jsk/item/87/
Measurements according to hellolace (and aatp website):
Length: 92cm
Bust: 86 - 94 cm
Waist: 72 - 79 waist

I find these measurements to be quite exact, as they fit my measurements of 35"-36"bust, 28"waist.
There's lacing in the back to adjust the bust and detachable waist ties to adjust the waist.

I really regret selling this JSK, as I really love the print, but unfortunately I need the money and I just haven't ever worn this JSK, it's just been hanging in my closet :(

As I have no clue what I should ask for this and it's not available to buy through baby's site anymore, I'll just start with the price listed on baby's for the JSK and headbow

Opening bid: €270
(please leave bid increments of minimum €5)

previous sales: egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/15688572.html
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