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DS! Angelic pretty Whip Magic Pink - OP


Current location: Slovenia, Senovo

Hello everyone!

I am having some more items up for sale...

OTHER ITEMS for sale:

I am slowly leaving sweet Lolita style and I am starting to sell some of my stuff.... If you need any additional pics or info let me know.
Let me know if you want to bargain for something also.

I am the first owner of all of the items! All of the items are from a smoke free and animal free home. Most of the items were never even used!

PAYMENT: I accept PayPal for all transactions and money transfer for people in the European union.
SHIPPING: I will ask for the shipping of each of the items at the post office depending on shipping method and your location.
PRICE: Please give me your offers for any items you may be interested in.

Angelic pretty Whip Magic OP in Pink

I used it only once or twice.... I loved it but I have a few more pink dresses and I always end up wearing another one :( I hope someone else will love it more than I will. I am open for discussion when it comes to the price but please no trades!! I also have the socks to match the dress... If you want them let me know. Whoever buys the dress would get the socks for only 5 €. 

Asking price: 185 € + shipping

Thanks for watching! 
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