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Angelic Pretty Salopette, Dreamy Dollhouse, Sugary Carnival, wonder cup pochette

 before you comment please read this:
- my feedbacks of egl sales are is here
- all payments have to be done with Paypal please
- my prices are in euro
- my prices includes pp fees but NOT shipping cost
- Sales more than 50 euro have to be shipped with tracking and insurance
- im my house lives a chiuhuahua so please aware if you have problems with dogs´hair
- no holds , no trades right now, only if you have the SNT in black for me ^.^
- priority goes to the highest offer and the person who can pay first and  who leaves paypal information - in this order
- I will screen your personal informations asap
- I only will sent without tracking and insurance if you sent me the money as gift - I will let you know my paypaladdress
- you don´t like my price - give me an offer please!

AP wonder cup pochette bag ,great condtion, used for 3 hours ,  

Price 75,- € 

Angelic Pretty Happy Candy Salopette like new incl tag! The only thing which is missing is the candy brosh
app 78 length hips 87 cm
It s too big on me shame , it seems to be that skirt s and salopette s are too big for me from AP


price 160 ,-€ 

AP Dreamy Dollhouse OP black inkl Waisties and Neckties, good condition, mashine washed , worn 3 times


215,- €

20 % off:AP Bolero with Strawberries in pink and rosé - used condition

60 48 ,-€

Angelic Pretty Mashmallow Lavender Candy Boder OTK Socks, bought them second hand here on sales . Tried one for a second on and figured out, its not my let it go


27 euro

because of LJ is giving me Error messages when I post to much ,  I hope its okay for the mods  that I link my blog for additional pics or can you help me to add the other items ? I am frustrated

I am waiting now since a  week to have access here and now I can´t post very long posts.  I am trying now for 5 hours to post and I want to do it now because I will be on holiday soon and I want to get it done before
THANK YOU for your understanding
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