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DS: Socks, Skirt, Bolero, Btssb Bunny Pencilcase

I have to sell some stuff again, please take a look.

My feedbackpage is here:

Payment: Paypal

Shipping: I am shipping from germany, uninsured international: 9€ (for a pair of socks, it will be cheaper) / uninsured europe: 4€ (for a pair of socks, it will be cheaper) / insured germany: 4€

Pirate Rose Skirt (Camelie Fiolere)

Worn once, in a very good condition.
The skirt is fully lined, the skirt can be worn without the waistbelt.
It can be closed with the invisivle zipper on the side.

Lenght: 55cm
Waist: 73cm
Belt: 11cm

Price: 110€

Red Bolero (handmade)

worn once, in good condition


Bust: 100cm
Lenght: 36cm
Sleevelenght: 27cm

Price: 35€

Btssb Bunny

I think it is a pencilbag.
I sewed a strap with dots on it, to use it as a bag, but I never had the chance to do it.

Price: 30€

Cameo Vest

Worn once, in a good condition
It looks great with ruffle-blouses :)
Made out of woolfabric, fully lined.

Bust: 94cm
Waist: 84cm

Price: 25€


1. White Lace IW Socks: 25€ (worn, but in good condition)
2. IW Socks with Roses: 25€ (worn, but in good condition)
3. IW Socks white: 20€(worn, but in good condition)
4. IW Socks black: 20€ (worn, but in good condition)
5. Meta Socks: 15€ (bought them used)

1. Bodyline Socks black heart: 7€ (never worn)
2. Bodyline Socks black/pink: 7€ (worn but in good condition)
3. Bodyline Socks pink: 10€ (worn but in good condition)

1. Secretshop Socks white: 10€ (worn but in good condition)
2. Secretshop Socks black: 10€ (worn but in good condition)

1. Ribbon Key Print socks: 7€ (new, never worn)
2. Pink Socks: 7€ (new, never worn)
3. Secretshop Socks: 13€ (new, never worn)

If you have some questions, please feel free to ask.

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, indie brand, innocent world, offbrand, secret shop
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