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WTB: Powder Rose OP pinkxpink, Memorial Cake OP in black, Cherry Berry Bunny Ribbon Chest JSK in sax

or Lady Rose mini sleeves in mint ^_^; (couldn't fit that on the title).

Hello! Thank you for visiting my post :] I'm looking forward in purchasing one of my long time dream dresses! I can only afford one of them at the moment (can pay right away), and maybe a second one in a few weeks. I live in California. I'll take the lowest deal of course, haha, but depends on the condition~ ***Also, I'd prefer USA sellers so I can get a tracking #, but will also consider internationals :]

My feedback:

Please do comment if you are willing to sell me one of these dresses ^.^ Fill out a comment like this:

Title of your dress on the subject part of your comment.
Your feedback:
Condition of dress:
Price with shipping and tracking # (for international, please let me know how much extra it is):

If I like the price and condition I'll be asking for proof pics or pics of it's condition :]

I used stock images and kinda played with it when I was bored last year and making a list of dream dresses.

My ultimate dream dress! If someone has this it will be my first choice hands down :]

I decided that I want the sax the most and as the chest ribbon version.

I'd really like the OP.

Lady Rose Mini Sleeves in mint :]
Thankies a bunchies for stopping by~
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty

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