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DS: BTSSB Pink Gingham Lace Headbow

here are some things i have for sale!

things you should know before placing order
**only ship to the USA. sorry!
**shipping NOT included in price! i use flat rate boxes ($6) :)
**buyer is expected to pay paypal fees (2.9% + $0.30)
**no trades, sorry! (unless i directed you here personally XD)
**i have two cats and one dog, but i am from a non-smoking environment.
**i will take paypal payments
**once something has been shipped out, it no longer my responsibility.
**you can find my feedback here and at ebay.

BTSSB Giant Pink Gingham Headbow - $40 + $6 shipping OBO
(shipping includes delivery confirmation number.)

had a previous owner who wore it once for a photoshoot, i think.
i have never worn it, i kind of  bought it out of pressure, unsure of if it would match my dress or not (the rose gingham OP in pink).
it matches perfectly, but as you can tell i don't look too great in headbows because my bangs are strange and i don't have any wigs to help with the styling XD
so here it goes to a new home!
i would say the only defect is at the BTSSB tag--there's a string of thread coming out of the bottom right, but it can be trimmed, and doesn't affect any part of the headbow, as well as a tiny unnoticeable stain at the tip of the band that goes behind the ears--i received it this way.
feel free to make an offer!


the lace is really beautiful with the pink color! :D


worn photos:


happy shopping! :D
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright
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