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!WTB! Moitie prints; Churchgate, Cathedral, others! !DS/DT! AP Strawberry set!


Feedback: eglfeedback.livejournal.com/223202.html 

Before anything else, here's the necessary:  

-I live in the U.S., but am willing to buy, sell, and trade internationally.

-I only ship with tracking and insurance, and in order for me to buy, you must be willing to do so as well.  (Don't worry, I am willing to pay the extra!)

-I don't want clothes that smell like smoke, so please, no smoking!  But I am fine if you have pets!

-My items are from a smoke free home, but I do have cats.  However, they stay far away from the clothes! 

Okay!  Now straight onto the WTB because I am so ecstatic about it! :D

I have a new job, and I have been working some crazy hours, which is awesome because I've been wanting a new Moitie print for so long, and can now finally afford to shell out the cash for one.  I am willing to pay straight away, and I know the worth of the clothes, so I will offer to you accordingly with reasons to back my offers, but, since these are your clothes, I would prefer for you to offer me a price and see if it's something I can work with.  So, if you have something I want, and you're looking to sell, then show me some pics and name your price!

Feel free to take this to pm as well, as to avoid jump-ins and cluttering on the post.

#1.  Moitie Churchgate JSK in black and white!


This is my faaaaavorite Moitie print and it's a wonder I don't own it yet!!  So, this is my #1 want/ will pay the most for.

Note:  I will also consider the other color ways and the skirt version if I am not offered this or something else.

#2 Moitie Cathedral OP

This is another print I don't have, and would really like to acquire, but again, Churchgate is my #1.  So, if the price is fair enough, then I may get either or.  I will accept all versions/colorways of this print.

#3.  Moitie Iron Gate skirt

Skirt version only, please!  Any length and any color :)

Now, on to the trade/sale!

I have the Angelic Pretty Sweet Ribbon Strawberry set in black that I really don't wear.  I bought it last year and wore it once for a party, and haven't even touched it since.  It's all in perfect condition still!  The set will include the Sweet Ribbon Strawberry OP in black, Milky Berry socks in black, and an older black and white AP strawberry headbow.  I have a prie in mind for the set, but I'd prefer to have offers if you're interested, since I haven't decided if i'm willing to split the set up just yet.

However, I would very much like to trade the set+a bit of money for the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Trick-or-Treat underbust JSK in black.  I already have the pink version, and though I LOVE the print, I can't do sweet pink, so I'm searching for the black and will sell of the pink once I get the black one.



Thank you for looking!  If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  Messages are welcome :D

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