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DS: Black F+F Blouse

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- First person to leave their paypal and pay full price (or closest to) will get the item. Offers will be considered!
- I do have two cats, however they are not allowed in my closet and have stayed away from my clothes. I will lint roll the pieces before I ship however (if needed), just in case. I do not smoke, nor live with any smokers.
- I can only accept paypal.
- All sales final.
- Questions for measurements and etc and requests for more pictures are welcome.

- Shipping and paypal fees is included in the price for USA buyers.
- International buyers please ask for a quote.
- Please note that USA/North American buyers will get preference, due to it is easier to ship.

Fan Friend Plus Blouse:

Detail, Tags, Lace Detail, Stock Page
This blouse I bought a while back from Fan Friend Plus, but it really isn't my style, and has been sitting in my closet for a few months. It fits me fine, It has only be tried on, and still has the tag on it. (My measurements are: bust: 36 1/2 inches, waist: 30 inch, hip: 39 inches)  The lace is quite soft on the arms and the collar. I cannot find the jabot that comes with it currently, but can look further upon request. It has no flaws! Please look at the stock photos, they do the blouse much more justice than my photos.
Size: Lady 80, (Bust: 38 inches, Waist: 28 Inches, Waist: 38 Inches)
Price: $37 (includes shipping cost in the USA and paypal fees)

Tags: !ds, fanplusfriend
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