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[DS/DT]: changing styles sale and [WTB]: meiji chocolate mirror



- I ship the cheapest way with tracking, but uninsured. If you want insurance (+2,80€) or faster shipping, please let me know, but it's pretty expensive internationally.
- After posting it I am no longer responsible for your package and won't give a refund if it gets lost in the mail. If you want to be on the safe side, please pay for insured shipping.
- I don't smoke, but I have a cat. I try to remove all hair from the clothes before I ship them, but if you're allergic, please be aware.
- If you state interest in an item, please let me know if you don't take it. After 24 hours with no reply, the item goes to the next in line.

- my feedback page: (100% positive)



Secretshop tea party shoes, size L (24.5). I would prefer to trade these for another pair of (preferably secretshop shoes) in a different colour, as I'm just not wearing enough red. I prefer heels over flats, but show me what you have, I'll look at anything. They have been worn a few times, but are in very good condition.
If noone wants to trade, I'll let them go for 45€.


Secretshop classic shoes (Innocent World replica) in size L (24.5). They are a little too big for me :< Only worn a few times, in good condition besides a few scuffs (see pictures below).
DS: 40€ or best offer
DT: for another pair of brown shoes in EUR 38 / 24.5


Pink heels in size L (24.5). Hardly worn, very good condition. 25€ or best offer, open to trades. - SOLD+SHIPPED


Pink bow flats from, ETC replicas, EUR size 38/39. A little scuffed at the toes, but only the one spot at the right shoe is really noticeable. Pictures of the damages: right toeleft toeright shoe inside
Price: 20€ or best offer, open to trades


Red enamel flats, offbrand, EUR size 37/38. Only worn once, very good condition. 15€ or best offer, open to trades. - SOLD+SHIPPED


White fake leather flats from Tally Weijl, new and unworn, EUR size 37/38, 10€.


left pair: grey knee high / over the knee (depending on height, I could wear them as overknees and I'm 5'5"), offbrand, unworn, 8€ - TRADED+SHIPPED
right pair: pink over the knee socks from Bodyline. I removed the cheap lace from the tops and re-sewed the little bows. Unworn, 12€ - SOLD+SHIPPED



Black short sleeved blouse, offbrand (H&M), EUR 38 (max. bust 90cm). Only tried on, but one of the invisible buttons at the bottom half of the blouse (top half buttons are visible) misses a part. Still works, but can be replaced easily. Cute puffy sleeves and good quality cotton lace, little stand up collar. 15€ or best offer, open to trades.


Bodyline Bolero, only worn twice, perfect condition. 20€ or best offer, open to trades. - SOLD+SHIPPED


Emily Temple Cute wool cardigan, little crown embroidery. 25€ or best offer. - SOLD+SHIPPED



Innocent World replica violin bag from taobao, only used twice, perfect condition. Beautifully embroidered and of high quality. 25€ or best offer, open to trades.  - SOLD+SHIPPED




item: babydoll-JSK
brand: selfmade
colour: black
size: I made this to fit my own size (bust 86cm), but it has shirring in the back and can take several cm more in the bust. Length: I'm 5'5" and it ends exactly at my knees.
condition: It is properly sewn, but not perfect since I'm not a professional seamstress. It will not fall apart, can be washed easily and is very comfortable to wear. I couldn't find any flaws, stains or signs of wear. The little bow is detachable.
price: 18€ 14€ or best offer, open to trades


item: sailor blouse
brand: offbrand
colour: mint, it is printed with little ships and anchors (the colour is stronger IRL than in the picture)
size: L. It was a little big on me. I could wear it fine under a JSK (with a 34" bust), but I'd recommend it for someone a little bigger than me.
condition:  good, but used. I bought it under flea market-y conditions and it is not like new, but the colour is still vibrant and it looks really cute. Has an adorable round collar and puffy sleeves.
price: 12€ 9€ or best offer, open to trades


  ribbon print cutsew
brand: H&M
colour:  offwhite with black bows
size: an altered EUR 40. I bought this much too big (they didn't have my size anymore), made it smaller in the waist and made the little detachable bow at the collar with the leftover fabric. It has cute ruffles along the hem and is perfect for casual outfits, under JSKs and on warmer days.
condition: good. I only wore it once for a short time and it's been sitting in my closet since. There's a little black spot on the back that has already been there when I bought it at the store, I guess it happened when printing it and it's some print colour that got lost. I can take a picture of it, but it's not very noticable and didn't bother me.
price: 5€ 4€, open to trades


item:  little teapot cutsew
brand: h.naoto frill
colour: main colour white, ivory coloured ruffles at the sleeves and a silver print. The print has teapots and teacups on it and the text says "I'm a little teapot, short and stout" (it's part of a children's song). The material is very cozy and stretchy.
size:  when I bought this, it had the shape of a potato sack (super super wide at the waist). I didn't like that, so I put in darts at the sides to make it fit snug to my body, that's why it makes such a weird shape in the picture. If you're a little bigger than me, it's no problem to take out the darts again. Will fit a bust up to 90cm comfortably.
condition:  good. The alterations I made show in the price, but other than that it is in good condition and has no stains. Due to the soft, cozy material it's incredibly comfortable to wear.
price: 15€ 12€, open to trades


I broke my chocolate bar mirror, so if anyone of you has one that you don't want anymore, please let me know :<

Thanks for your visit!
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