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ATTN seller: Carmila

Hello, I'm posting this as a last resort after trying to contact this buyer several times over to no avail.

Here is my feedback for

The post is

The details: I purchased several gosu roris from Carmila, paid June 16th and didn't hear a word from her after. I checked the post to see she had updated with: "**Note: Everything that has been invoiced has cleared Paypal. Unfortunately, the envelopes I got for shipping are just a bit too small, so I will be getting new ones tonight or tomorrow. Shipping should be done this Saturday for everyone that ordered something from me," so I waited a few days after already trying to contact her through email.

Still, I'd received no reply, so I filed a paypal dispute on June 28th and there she finally answered. In the dispute I'd stated that I hoped she had not scammed me and I did not appreciate the whole no-contact business ways she had. She assured me I was not being scammed and that she had sent my package, that it should arrive a few days later. She seemed really earnest  and hurt by my claim,so I dropped the dispute after thinking about it, feeling bad that I had accused her. Never will I drop a dispute again in which I suspect someone at first; if anything this event has taught me to be more cautious in dealings and not to trust the "word," but to wait to see a package in my hand-hell, even just a tracking number before I do it again! Yet, today it's one month after the dispute was opened (and one abandoned e-mail later) and still no package or no word from her! If you look at the post linked above you can also see that there are others who ordered from her and still have not received their packages! Has anyone received anything from her, if you bought anything? I hate to have to call someone out, but this is what it has come to.
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