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DS: Bodyline fairy forest jsk, ap headbow, skirt/petti, hello kitty phone and hair accessories pack


First, here's my egl feedback:
Shipping is not included in the prices, please ask for a quote^^

Bodyline fairy forest jsk in sax

Print details

I got this jsk off the comm, it is second hand but I do not see any apparent stain or rip. I wore it only once for a meeting and decided it did not fit me very well.

Price: 35$ or make an offer + shipping

Bust - 38 inches max
Waist - 32 inches max

AP fawn headbow without ears

The headbow is in perfect condition, only the ears are missing since I removed them to put on my other headbow (they are clip-ons). It is made of red velvet and has pink pearls on it.

22$ + shipping

Gothic skirt - medium poof petti

A gothic skirt I bought in a shop called Demonia. I never wore it as a skirt but mostly as a petticoat, It gives a fine medium poof that I like. But I recently bought a petti so I want to let this one go.

Waist: I have a 33 inches waist and it fits comfortably. It can go a bit higher
Lenght: 16 inches

Price: 25$ + shipping

Hair accessories pack

Here all the accessories I never used or do not need anymore. They are all in perfect or great condition depending on the item. The pack does not come with the ap bag sorry, it was just for the picture.

Price: 5$ + shipping

Hello Kitty home phone

Very cute and new. I only plugged it once to see if it was working of course. I got it because I wanted to put it in my new appartment but when I moved we decided I didnt need a home phone and would only use my cellphone... so this cute phone cannot be used by me ;_; It needs a lovely home now.  It is great for a loli room! Of course it comes with all the material to plug it.

Price: 12$ + shipping

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, bodyline, offbrand
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