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All Sold thanks~

 Hello! I'm selling an AP blouse and a BTSSB petticoat~ I will consider trades for BTSSB and AP items only with the exception of Meta's Blooming Garden OP~ I'm currently looking for Dreaming Macaron OP and Jewelry Jelly OP in mint and would love to partial trade for it ^__^  I'm also looking for pink/lavender/sax tea parties~ My prices are negotiable so please make me offers if you don't like my prices~ 

You can see my feedback here. :)

AP Blouse: (68 + shipping)

This is a gorgeous blouse that has never been worn and only tried on by me! It's a gorgeous blouse and I held on it in hopes of slimming down enough to fit it.... but it's time to let it go:

Other views: Cuff Detail, Collar, Buttons
There are no flaws whatsoever~ 
Measurements: 34 inch bust 28 inch waist~ 

BTSSB Petticoat: (32 + Shipping)  Sold Thank You!

This is a light petticoat that measures roughly 18-19 inches and has only been worn once under a skirt and over a pair of bloomers~ I'm looking for something heavier at the moment. It provides medium poof~ Please ignore the lighting in the picture of the flaw, the most accurate lighting is the first photo. This would go wonderfully well with the above AP blouse as they are very very close in color~
Other Views: TagFlaw
Measurements: This will stretch up to a 38 inch waist since it has an elastic waistband~

Thank you for looking~ Once again, please feel free to make offers~ ^__^
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright
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