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DT: Bodyline Coat/ DS: 20% Reduction!!

- I ship from CA, USA
- I have no pets or conditions
- All prices are in USD
- Paypal ONLY
- Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees. Please ask for total quota.
 - I do accept gifting.
- I ship USPS with tracking.
 - Please inquire if you want insurance.
- I try to thoroughly inspect these items as best as I can. If there is a flaw that you notice upon receiving, it may have  been damaged during the shipping process which I do not hold responsible for.
I ship using recycled tissue paper because I am all about green. Please let me know if this is a problem.

Bodyline Houndstooth Coat with Cape - Black

Good condition. Only worn once. I bought this on Bodyline for about $65 ($85 with the shipping... @_@)
Size M:
B - 37 inches
W - 30 inches
Back of the coat has waist-ties. Cape and bow are detachable.
Thick and heavy.

I would like to trade this for the PinkxWhite version of this coat or something similar:

I am willing to sell this coat as well, but trade is a priority.
DS Price: $45 $35

AP (Angelic Pretty) A La Carte Grosgrain Haircombs - WhitexPink
$30 $24 or BEST OFFER

Pretty good condition. Only tried on a couple of times.
One of the combs is slightly loosened. Since these have barely been touched, it most likely came that way.

AaTP Rachel Sleeveless Blouse - White
$120 $95 or BEST OFFER

Bought from the BTSSB Store in SF. Good condition, only tried on.
Measurements can be found here:
Please note that this is in the Men's Size.

There is a stain behind one of the pin-tucks of the blouse, which I honestly didn't notice until I was cleaning this up for the sales. It isn't noticeable since it is behind a pin tuck, but something I wanted to warn you of.
There is also some navy strands sticking out from the neck, on the outside and inside. These strands are coming from the tag. I tried taking of picture of this but my camera is not focusing, so I am only mentioning it.

I have some accessories I am selling in my old DS link (scroll all the way to the bottom):

Any 2 accessories is free with purchase. Additional, you will have to include the price in your total quota. If you would like to purchase it separately, please post in the old link.
Need to get rid of a petticoat? I am in need of one! Please look at my WTB post:

Thank you for looking!
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