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DS/DT: Holiday- Sale! (Metamorphose and offbrand)

 hi everybody ;D

here some things i want to sell or trade it. 
I'm going on holiday on friday. if you can pay till wednesday, i'll ship it out on thursday.

-tell me your price
-open for trades
-i'm in madrid on friday so if you want to meet is also ok.
-i prefer paypal. but if you're an european girl, banc transfer would be also ok.

my sizes:
b: 94cm
w: 80cm
h: 96cm

shoes: 26/26.5cm

Feedback: eglfeedback.livejournal.com/283674.html

soo....happy shoppiiing~

metamorphose poudle cutsew
never worn!
bust: 80cm
waist: 70cm
sleeve lenght: 25 cm
price: about 70 euros

offbrand shoes
new Brown plateau shoes.
zipper on the side.
size 39/40
price: about 35 euros

Meta red x white Socks:
New! i just bought the socks and get the same in my lp >->
that's why i'm selling it.
(it's not a strong red, it's more a wine red)
price: about 20 euros

there're also some offbrand skirts (not lolita) in my journal -> akiko-5.livejournal.com/

thanks for takin a look!

see ya~

Tags: !ds, !dt

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