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DS: BTSSB, Meta, Chocomint, Swimmer, Offbrand, handmade, Rose Melody, DoL and more

 - Shipping is not included in the prices, please state whether you'd like registered or not, if you don't state I'll automatically quote the most basic shipping, excluding tracking and insurance

Feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/280683.html
- I ship from the Netherlands

- Paypal fees are also NOT included. 3.9% €0.35 fees will be added.
Only paypal for those outside of the EU
(For those within the EU, I also accept banktransfer)

- First to ask/show interest is first in line, however if you offer a lower price and the next in line offers either the full price or gives a higher offer, the item will go to them

- If you've inquired, please let me know whether you are still interested or not, if I haven't heard from you within 24 hours, I'll go to the next person in line

- I do holds, with a 10% non-refundable deposit, also I won't hold it for longer than 10 days (I will accept a payment plan, but do inform me beforehand how and when you'll pay the next part)

- More pictures can be taken upon request also don't hesitate to ask questions, I'll try my best to answer them as correctly as I can ^^

- All these clothes (exept those noted) fit me, my measurements are bust: 35" - 36", waist: 28", shoe size EU 37/38 - 23.5 cm

Feel free to make offers if you do not agree with the price ^^

Lolita clothes and accessories

Flyers/postcards - €0.90 each
First pic: Lower Left SOLD
Second pic: Both BABY cards sold


€25 each LEFT ONE SOLD

Stock pictures:

Bought this thinking it's about time to buy a wig and get some new hairstyles without damaging my own hair, but realised wigs just aren't my thing unfortunately -_-

DoL Bunny OP


Never worn by me.
Measurements laid flat:
Bust: 17.3"
Waist: 14"

GLP white OP


Bought this for a party, but ended up eventually not attending the party.

Measurements laid flat:
Bust: 18"
Waist: 16"
Lenght: 31"

Was worn by the previous owner, but washed before it was send to me.

Bodyline JSK


Regular Bodyline size M

Kidsyoyo (summer)JSK


Never worn

White BTSSB skirt


This is a really comfy skirt, made of very comfortable fabric, unfortunately it isn't really my style. It has cherry pattern woven into the fabric, and because of the elastic, it can fit a wide range of sizes.

Simple bustle back skirt


A simple skirt that can be used for casual gothic.
Can fit a wide range of sizes due to elastic.
Measurements laid flat:
Elastic not stretched: 26cm/10" laid flat
Elastic stretched to max: 41cm/16" laid flat

Dead threvos (?) Skirt


Worn once, on the label it says size 12, but I don´t know which one, UK 12?

Anyway tried to measure it, laid flat I measured about 40/41 cm

Poizen Industries Top


Has been worn once and washed afterwards.

I'm not sure about the size of this one....

It fits me and my measurements are listed at the top of this page.

However I think it can fit a lot of sizes since there's corsetting on the back and the material is quite stretchy. If you want to be certain, please comment with your measurements so I can make certain it fits.

Rose Melody Top


Top hasn't been worn by me, and I believe it wasn't worn by previous owner either

Baby the stars shine bright cutsew


Bodyline blouse with detachable sleeves


Regular Bodyline size M
worn once by previous owner, never worn by me.
Was modified at the sleeve of the short-sleeved blouse, so as to accomodate a larger arm

Kidsyoyo AP Celebi coat


Worn a couple of times, as you can see, some of the "gems" fell off. The little package laid on the coat, has all extras, including buttons and those "gems" (sorry, I do not know the correct word for it XD) The coat got a little dirty, as seen in the last picture.

Measurements laid flat:
bust: 19"
waist: 17"

GLP winter coat


Bought it for the winter, but I bought a new coat two weeks later, so this coat is unworn by me.

Measurements laid flat:
bust: 17"
waist: 15.5"
Length: 30"

Secret Shop Shoes - 23.5 cm -



These have never been worn, I've only tried them on once, and while I really really like them, I've unfortunately never worn them

Bodyline shoes - 23.5cm -


Worn a couple of tiems, I can't find anything wrong with them

An-tai-na white fur boots


Ordered these, but just aren't my style unfortunately :(

These have never been worn, on the inside of the right boot, there's a mark as seen in the last picture, it doesn't affect the boot itself, I believe it's a print of the zipper or something, as it's right opposite where the zipper is.
These fit a size 23.5cm. Also it's perfect for bigger calves ^^

An-tai-na black boots


Same as above, haven't ever worn them. Size 23.5cm, perfect for people with bigger calves ^^

Bodyline petticoat


This petticoat is good for casual wear or to layer with another petticoat, it isn't all that poofy.

Metamorphose bloomers



prices as listed under the pictures

1 - Bodyline - white x black socks - is a bit dirty on the sole, yet never worn by me - €5
2 - Metamorphose white rose print otk SOLD
3 - black with bow socks - never taken out of package - €5
4 - F+F white x black OTK (crown, teddy bear, music notes) SOLD
5 - Black OTK socks €6 (bought new)
6 - Black knee-high socks €3 (worn by previous owner) SOLD
7 - Black knee-high socks €3 (worn by previous owner) SOLD
8 - Black knee-high socks with lace €7 (bought new) SOLD

9 - White knee-high socks with lace €8 (bought new) SOLD
10 - Bodyline OTK socks €6
11 - Bodyline ankle socks €3.50

Baby the stars shine bright tote bag


Used twice by me, it's a little bit dirty on the underside, I tried to take a picture of it, but it couldn't be caught on cam, as the sport are quite light

Baby the stars shine bright tote bag


Used once

Bodyline Candy tote bag


Never used


1 - grey headband - €3
2 - pink x black polkadotted headband - €3
3 - pink headband - €2.75
4 - pink headband - €2

Chocomint bunny headband and handmade tophat.

I really like the tophat, but I haven't worn it yet, because it doesn't fit with anything in my wardrobe. I'm really reluctant to sell it though, so I'd like to trade it for something I'll use more often, or if you offer me a good price.

Chocomint headband link: http://item.rakuten.co.jp/chocomint/ha_al_002/
Chocomint headbow: €10
Bunny hat: €20


Handmade (not by me) wristcuffs: €5
Bodyline bow (doesn't have a pin or anything on the back): €1
Bodyline choker: €10

Different kinds of accessories:

These items are all unworn, I have too much accessories, so I'm trying to get rid of the accessories I never wear

Earrings of the brand Six, has a key, heart and rhinestone attached to the ring. - €2.50
Handmade rings (not made by me): €3.50 each
- darkpink
SOLD - lightpink
- black
Chocomint black x pink choker = €10 OBO
Heart necklace watch = €5
Pudding ring - €2
Cupcake necklaces - €7 each
Bear ring - €2

All unworn/unused

Chocomint LP macaron cellphone charm/keyring - €4
Chocomint LP doughnut keychain - €3
SOLD Handmade (not by me) lollipop necklace - €7.50 €6
Handmade (not by me) doughnut cellphone charm - €1.50
Handmade (not by me) strawberry hairclips - €3
Handmade (not by me) doughnut cellphone charm - €1.50
Handmade (not by me) lollipop necklace - €6

Bodyline hat w/ veil, swimmer fur hat

€10 for each


Left ones worn:                                                                      Right ones worn:

Left ones are quite warm and are adjustable with the lacing - €25
Right ones are GLP brand - €20

Gloves, wristcuffs, Usakumya strap

handmade wristcuffs - €5
Usakumya strap - €12
Gloves (the one on the right, is my own as example) - €13

Wristcuff, shoe-clips, haircombs

White wristcuff with ribbon - €3.50
An-ten-na white shoe clips - €10
Meta haircombs - €15

Alice and the Pirates 2010 planner


This is a really cute planner, that I haven't used even once -_- It has pages for each month, blanco page to write on, and a address list. Even though it can't be used for the calendar anymore, you can still use the rest of the pages, or as a collectible item ^^

If anyone would like all lace listed, I'll sell it for €15 together

Please don't ask me about the kind of lace, because I have no knowledge of the different kinds, so I can't explain what lace it is

1 - 100 cm - €1.00
2 - 50 cm - €0.50
3 - 180 cm (I have much more of this one, see picture below) - €1.25
4 - 122.5 cm - €1.22
5 - 140 cm - €1.40
6 - 127 cm - €1.27
7 - (basically the same as 6) - 90 cm - €0.90

Not sure how much this actually is - I'll just charge €5 for the whole bunch as I'm pretty sure it's at least 5x more than the one pictured in the picture above

These two are basically the same, except the right one is a light pink, while the left one is white
left - 117 cm - €2.34
right - 80 cm - €1.60

This lace is quite soft - 127 cm - €2.54

1 - 60 cm - €0.60
2 - 64 cm (it's actually quite stiff)- €1
3 - 44 cm - €0.44

1 - 100 cm - €1
2 - 62 cm - €0.62
3 - 114 cm - €1.71

All fabric is measured while folded double, as this is how I got it when I asked for the amount I needed.

1 - 107 cm x 75 cm - €8
2 - 108 cm x 75 cm - €8
3 - 67 cm x 64 cm - €4 SOLD
4 - currently not for sale, as I can't seem to locate it while renovating my room -_-
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