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ds: Sweet sale - AP, Meta, BtSSB lots of plus-size friendly brand

Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Payment: Paypal
Feedback: "jolarocknrolla" on ebay
buying/selling feedback on DOA, on LJ ... and now EGL Feedback

All prices listed are BIN. prices do not include shipping. shipping w/in the usa is $8.50 for priority mail w/ tracking, flat rate (I can do a pair of socks first class in the usa w/ tracking for $3.50). Outside of the usa it's $25 for small packages and $45 for large (jewelery, or 1 pair of socks would be small, a jsk or purse would be big), will include tracking and insurance up to $100. No trades. feel free to make me an offer if you like but i will sell to the first person who will pay the BIN.

international: i could do first class which has no tracking but i would ONLY accept this option if you paid as a personal "gift" through paypal.

Please do not pm since i don't always get notifications. first person to leave their paypal here gets it, MUST note country and shipping option.

1) AP - Merry Making navy jsk $270 (I have 3 pairs of socks for this - the white worn once $30, baby blue and navy unworn $35 each)

2) AP Lilac fully shirred jsk Pastel Fairy. $165

3) AP blue/white dot jsk (fully shirred, has waist ties and shoulder strap pearls) $185, Comes w/ the icecream pin!

4) AP Melty Chocolate pink ring and pink necklace $70 together as a set
5) AP Melty Chocolate mint bracelet $30

6) AP pink gingham heart necklace (pink bow is removed and not included) $28

7) AP blue/white bag priced above (proof pic - only very slight wear on bottom) $50

8) all socks unworn - new without tags (only selling sock LISTED)
5th from left AP pink starshower otk $50
6th AP white starshower otk $50
7th AP minty melty chocolate otk $50

2nd AP icecream blue (Milky Planet Knee Socks) $40
3rd AP icecream pink/yellow (Milky Planet Knee Socks) $40

2nd from left, AP milky berry sax $40/

5th AP mocha melty chocolate socks $50
2st black AP melty chocolate $50

3rd pink/black AP Ribbon Name OTK $40
6th brown/cream AP Ribbon Name OTK $40

12) AP Happy Garden in lavender Jsk $200 (comes with coordinating PINK socks, worn twice but unstained etc.)

13) BtSSB Chained Berry Memory skirt and matching bag (Y26,000 new - looking to get $200 for the set)

14) Fully shirred BtSSB Strawberry Letter jsk $200 (has waist ties)

purse: $120

15) BtSSb Skirt and matching headbow (Mary's Sweet sheep print?) $100

16) BtSSB Sugar Bouquet (?) jsk in sax $200

17) BtSSB sax fully shirred strawberry cherry jsk - I paid a lot for this hoping to get back $220

18) BtSSB pink/white (back shirring) scallopped jsk $180

19) BtSSb red berry pie skirt, the detachable bow was made into a headbow - included but the pin part was removed. $100

20) BtSSB Pink sugar Bouquet fully shirred op $250

21) BtSSB apron and headbow, great condition! $90

22) Dreamy Dollhouse jsk $325
the person who buys this can also buy the socks pictured (mint candy stripe) for $40 if they choose. just worn once, no staining or damage.

23) Skirt - Rose Melody for 35" waist $50

24) Pink "Crown Lable" Metamorphose jsk (fairy playing cards) no waist ties, BUT the waist ties were made into an awesome messenger bag/purse. Top row of shirring across bust was removed. $175 w/ purse

25) Metamorphose fully shirred strawberry red/pink OP $180

Sweets Princess OP, sax $200

28) skirt: Lilly of the Valley fully shirred Victorian Cookbook up to 50", $100. comes with red ribbon belt.

29) dress: offbrand (white moon) has strange measurements:
Bust: 107 cm
Lower bust: 100 cm
Waist: 84 cm
Asking $65

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose
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