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WTB: Something from my wishlist for my birthday :)

Hello! I have come into the possession of monetary gifts and would like to buy one of the dresses I am lusting after :)
First, these two Alice and the Pirates JSK's:

Miranda JSK in the BLACK colorway only (I know this is currently available straight from Baby's site but I'd like to see if anyone within my country can save me on shipping cost first),

Versailles JSK in the BLACK colorway only.
Found, thanks!

ANY black colorway variation (jacquard, plain cotton, etc) of the Atelier Pierrot's bustle OP's:

Or the Frill OP:

Metamorphose Dobby Stripe OP in BLACK:

And finally the Victorian Maiden Fairy Chiffon Doll OP in ANY colorway BUT Rose.

Just in case, here are measurements (if you have one of these items and think fit might be a problem, please let me know ^^;):
Bust: 85 cm
Waist: 66 cm
Height: 5'1" (~90-92 cm is the ideal dress length for me)

If offering to sell, please give:
-Proof photos
-The condition of the item and list any flaws
-Your location and feedback link
-A price offer, and whether that offer is negotiable (including shipping would be great if you can manage!)
My price limit is probably about $400 but I may reconsider depending on responses, seller location, the piece/condition, etc.
Please do not PM me with offers, but instead reply to this post.

Here's my feedback link!

Thanks! :D
Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates, atelier pierrot, metamorphose, victorian maiden

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