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DS! Lots of offbrand, handmade; plus size-friendly!

Read first, plz:
Smoke free, but not pet free environment.
EGL Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1190466.html
Payment: Paypal only, plz
Shipping: Worldwide, not included in the price (if you want insured shipping, let me know)
Sizing: in centimeters
Prices: US dollars

Proof pic (hanger and "mannequin"):

Lilac bolero
Bust: up to 90cm
Shoulders (on back): 33-44cm
Arm (inner seam): 46 cm
Arm circumference: 28-35 cm

Worn just for this pic (model is size L and is very tall, hence the sleeves looking short). Handmade by me. Color is deep violet with purple, violet, lavender and even yellow flower designs. Hand crocheted lace (acrylic yarn). Bow is not removable.

Bat halterneck jsk + detachable bow
Length: 81-86 cm
Waistline: 80-96 cm (it's higher than natural waist, but lower than empire waist)
Bust: 100-120 cm

Worn once, for the photo-shoot (pinned on the model). Marked down A LOT because it has no lining (it's was just a tryout for the inverted scallop hem) and of lots of stupid mistakes I made while sewing this (one of the front lace bits is inverted (see pic), several of the scallops are a bit awry and two of the bodice panels have faulty fabric (see pics). Most of these are not noticeable, when worn. Thin cotton, great for summer.

Here you can see some of the faulty fabric (and inverted lace for the front one):

Awry inverted scallop:


Off white tulle petticoat
Length: 44 cm
Waist: it's based on waist ties, so pretty much any up to 110 cm

2 layers of stiff tulle + polyester lining, so it wouldn't scratch. Super full! It's worn under the Bat jsk for reference.


Navy bear kerchief
Size: 90 cm (it's a square)

Navy blue and white background. Light brown bears and pink accents. Super sweet. Has some little piling, but cannot be seen from afar.


Pirate skirt
Length: 60 cm
Waist: 70-100

Super full!


Gothic Damask overskirt
Length (front): 60cm
Waist: 68cm and up for best fit

Rich burghundy, black and gray with gold detail. Has a huge detachable bow to wear on back (if you want) for the "obi"-feel.

Velvet pants
Length: 51 cm
waist: 82 cm

True black (lighted in the pics to see detail. Worn once for a meetup (they're too big on me ;_;).

On hold
satin-ish pants
length: 64,5 cm
waist: 72cm
leg circumference: 31cm

Has slight stretch to them. true black.


Mana cosplay skirt
length: 93cm
waist: 78 (low waist)

This was originally a semi-cosplay piece I made, but I wore it daily as well (great for aristocrat), wear shows on the bottom lace. seam are not treated in any way (was one of my first sewing pieces), but it has held through the years with no problem.


Sailor skirt
length: 58cm
waist: 62cm

Handmade by me, worn a couple of times. The lace came undone after wash, can be mended. Awesome double box pleats! Super full!


Gobelin purse
15 $
Size: 29x21 (at widest)
strap: 44 cm

I handmade this because I haven't tried to use purse frames before. I used this once, for my graduation, now it just sits there being all pretty. Marked down because the fabric between the frame is pretty stretched and some ugly stitching can be seen on the inside (pic). Red lining!

SS sailor socks

Have been worn once, some minimal piling on foot.

lace-up socks
Black with red lacing on a beige background. Worn once.


Floral totebag
size: 34x28.5 cm
straps: 54 cm
Has white lining and small pocket inside. Bows are on one side

Black PVC bow belt
waist: 80-90cm
Never been used, I bought a size too big for me.

Thank you for watching! ^^
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