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DS: Forest Harvest JSK, Mary Magdelene, BTSSB Repunzel Set


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My feedback can be found here:

- I ship from a non-smoking environment. I have two dogs with hair (minimal shedding), but the item has been cleaned and is safely hanging in the closet away from them.

- The item will go to whoever leaves their paypal information first. I'm happy to hold for 24 hours, but past that, I'll sell to the next interested party.

-  No trades at this time, please.

- US shipping is included. International shipping is not included in the prices. Please inquire. NOTE: I am willing to sell to international buyers, but I do charge full shipping costs.

- I am not responsible for the items once they have been deposited at the post office.

- I am open to offers! 
-Payment plans can be negotiated for a non-refundable deposit

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First up is a lovely Mary Magdelene Dress!  
Max Bust: 37 inches 
Max Waist: 29 inches 
Min Bust: 32 Inches 
Min Waist: 24 inches 
*Note: this dress has partial shirring and lacing*  
Condition: Excellent (purchased second hand no visible flaws) 
Price: 280 USD (Open to Offers) 

BTSSB Repunzel Dress Set 
Max Bust: 38 inches  
Max Waist: 29 inches 
Min Bust: 32 inches 
Min Waist: 24 inches 
*Note: this dress has partial shirring and lacing*
Condition: purchased new, was tried on once, all accessories are new as well   
Dress Alone: 350 USD 
Set (socks and headbow): 400 USD
(Note: The two dresses on the side have been sold, Imai Kira post card is available)  

Forest Harvest JSK 
Max Bust: 40 inches 
Max Waist: 30 inches 
Min Bust: 36 inches 
Min Waist: 25-26 inches 
Note: This dress has full shirring and waist ties 
Conditioin: Perfect condition, has been worn multiple times 
Price: 200 USD 

Red Polka Dot Baby Bag 
Condition: Purchased new from Baby 
Price: 60 USD 

All Items are sold in store at Amber and Topaz, located in the Orange Circle:   
118 S Glassell St
Orange, CA 92866
Please Visit our Blog
And our Face Book:
               If you see any items in the stock photos or the store that you would like, please feel free to message us!  
Thank you very much 

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