Captain Weird (captainweird) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Captain Weird

!DS: Angelic Pretty Vanilla-chan JSK set


My feedback:
I only accept PayPal.
I do not do holds or payment plans.
First person to leave their paypal address has priority on the item.
Prices are in USD and include shipping. Shipping includes tracking and insurance. International shipping is estimated and often listed as a loss to myself just to keep the prices fair.
I ship from zip code 48435. Michigan, USA.
I have one cat but he has never been near these items.
All my lolita clothing is kept in garment bags when not being worn.
I work nights. This mean that my schedule is strange. I'm up all night and asleep during the day. This may effect my response times.


PLEASE NOTE that the color in some of my pictures will be off. My room is cursed with very poor lighting. It's nothing wrong with the color of the item itself.

Angelic Pretty Whimsical Vanilla-Chan tiered and socks in black. Worn once, no damage, great condition. The JSK is fully shirred with built in petticoat. The measurements are 89cm length, 86cm bust (minimum), 69cm waist according to The socks are over the knee with little silk bows and don't have any damage. I will not split the set.

International: $325 SHIPPED.

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty
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