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DS: Angelic Pretty Heart Polkadot Knit Cardigan and Pink Polka Dot BTSSB OTKs

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Payment by PayPal only
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Shipping is NOT included, unless stated otherwise.

Heart Polkadot Knit Cardigan in Black- SOLD!

Proof pics

Bought this off of mbok. Still in great condition. It has heart shaped buttons, as well as bows that button separately from that. There is a bow on each wrist. It's super cute, and rather light, so a nice thing to wear if you don't feel like wearing a blouse that day!

Measurements-The material is very stretchy, so I am estimating:
Bust: 36in max
Waist: 33in max

47cm length
38cm shoulder width
37cm body width
57cm sleeve length
10cm cuff

Baby Pink Polka Dot OTK Socks- $30

Cute pair of over the knee socks. Worn twice by me, but no footwear. My picture didn't pick up the sunlight, but these are really bright pink socks! There is no blue tinge.
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright

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