Sebastien (littlesebastien) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB shoes, FD socks, blouse, replica dresses

Here's my feedback:

I prefer US sellers to keep the cost down as I am on a budget.  I probably can't buy every item on this list but I want to see what's out there of what I'm seeking. Obviously, the better the deals, the more on my list I can get.

I'm looking for size L lavender tea party shoes (replicas such as Secret Shop). Preference given towards good price & condition. If you have a great deal on other colors, feel free to tell me.

AP Double Ribbon Sneakers (pink, size L)
      (edit: I was just made aware that there is a different sizing chart for the sneakers so I may need a size M?
I'm not sure now. I wear US 7.5)

AP Fantasic Dolly OTK socks (black)

replica Fantasic Dolly Headbow in lavender (ignore color in stock photo)

replica Little Bear Cafe high waisted JSK (preferably brown & don't need that head bow, will consider pink if you have head bow also)

I'm looking for JSK replicas.
Show me what you have.
The size I need varies as some dresses came in XL but some came only up to L, depending on the cut of the dress. I need whatever the largest size was in each as I am busty. Please let me know the condition of your dress and if you have the headbow.

I'm also interested in finding a plus friendly lavender blouse...maybe something like this AP one. Shirred or unshirred ok. Prefer short sleeves or detachable sleeves.

Tags: !wtb, *replica, angelic pretty, dear celine, secret shop

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