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DS: GLB ensemble vol 1, glb volume 6, white lolita belt, handmade red skirt, hnaoto skirts, bpn jsk

Hello and welcome to my sales! Prices are generally negotiable so feel free to ask.
Here's my feedback:

Policy/General information
1. I ship internationally
2. All shipping within the United States comes with tracking (delivery confirmation)
3. Forms of payment accepted: Paypal only
4. If a supposed buyer does not pay within 24 hours, the item will go to the next person of interest
5. Please provide your feedback link if you have a feedback page.
6. Shipping is NOT included in the prices below, please leave a comment including your zip-code and country, as well as your shipping preference, for estimates
7. I'm willing to look at offers, but please understand that I also have the right to say no, thank you.
8. No returns or exchanges accepted
9. Prices listed include paypal fees for the USA
Gothic & Lolita Bibles:
*All paper patterns and stickers are included. If you would like to know which patterns are included, please ask and I will tell :)
1. Gothic & Lolita Ensemble Vol. 1 $14.73 shipped in the USA SOLD and shipped
2. Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 6 $17.82 shipped in the USA SOLD and shipped


Handmade soft red skirt (not by me)
$38.41 shipped in the USA OBO
*Has 3 pin-tucks at the bottom and one ruffle
Waist measurement: 13 inches flat
Length (including waistband): 20.5 inches
Condition: Great, just needs to be ironed

Worn photo for both skirt and belt:

White lolita belt
$32.23 shipped anywhere in the USA OBO
Waist measurement: 18 inches
Length: 25 inches
Condition: Perfect


Listen Flavor top: free size
$43.56 shipped in the USA OBO

H.Channel asymmetrical skirt by H.Naoto SOLD and shipped

Price: Make an offer
Waist: 28 inches
Length: varying- shortest part of skirt: 17.5 inches (including waistband of 1.5 inches); longest part: 26.5 inches including waistband
Condition: Excellent

hEAVEN skirt by H.Naoto
SOLD and shipped
Price: Make an offer
Waist: About 76cm/29.9 inches
Length: varying; 49-60 cm
Details: Has multiple layers of gauze, lace, chiffon, tulle and a chain lace-up in the front and back
I am the second owner and it is in great condition; I've only worn it once.

BPN JSK SOLD and shipped
Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
Price: Make an offer
Bust: free-size; recommended for busts smaller than 96cm
Waist: 27-31 inches
Length: 29 inches not including straps
Details: has corseted lacing in back, the straps on the JSK are made like bra straps, fully lined
Condition: Good

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, black peace now, listen flavor, offbrand

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