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DS: More Punk Sales, h.Naoto Frill, h.Naoto Blood, Bodyline, offbrand

General Info:

  • I’m located in NC, USA. I prefer to ship domestically but I will consider international. It might just take a little longer to figure out shipping cost and to ship.
  • I use Paypal as the only payment method for these sales. I do not charge PP fees.
  • If you’re interested in something, please be sure to specify the item by number and name.
  • I have 100% positive feedback on the livejournal as well as ebay and DoA. My feedback thread.
  • Some of these items like to collect lint (they are black) and may also need to be ironed upon arrival. Otherwise they are in good new/near-new condition unless I mention something in the description. If you feel that something is overpriced, don’t hesitate to make me an offer!
  • TRADES: I’m open to classical lolita style trades (skirts, blouses, JSKs), but it needs to be able to fit me! (see measurements below)
Shipping Info:
  • In the US, I ship USPS using Priority Flat Rate boxes. Shipping costs are $15 for a large box, $11 for a medium box, and $5 for a small box (rounded for simplicity). I will try to cram your items into the smallest box possible to save on shipping (without risking damage to the clothes, of course!). From experience I have found that this shipping method is the easiest and fastest, especially since I can ship from my house without worrying about getting to a post office. I am more than happy to combine shipping and will consider discounts on items if you want to buy multiple things.
  • Contact me for international shipping… it can get very expensive ><;
  • I can usually ship within a few days. If you need special shipping services (international), I can only ship on Saturdays because I can't make it to the post office during the week. I will let you know directly when I expect to ship your item(s).
  • For each item, I try to specify important measurements as well as how well it fit me (since many of these are quite stretchy). My sizes are ~37 inch (94 cm) bust, 29 inch (74cm) waist, and 37 inch (94 cm) hips. Compare yourself with these measurements and read my descriptions of the fit if you have doubts if something will work for you.


See the new thread http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/16134781.html
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