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DS: Blonde Wavy Wig and EA: Zori size 23,5 cm

Hello Lolitas ^__^

* My Feedback page is here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/828873.html
* I'm shipping from Germany.
* If you have questions or you want to make an offer, go ahead and ask. :)

I would like to sell this blond wig for €30 including shipping in Germany. International shipping's a little more expensive so it depends on where you are. I bought it from an Ebay shop for about €50 including shipping, and wore it once.

After I wore it, I cut the bangs short for a photoshoot and I made them too short for my liking. This is mainly why I am selling it. I also backcombed the underlying hair in the back for a "hime-style" poof, but that could be brushed out with a wig-brush.

The wig cap is adjustable and looks like real skin at the top, and the hair is very soft and has a nice realistic shine to it.


I'm also auctioning off these zori size 23,5 cm on Ebay. I saw these go for €99 on Amazon once o.o But as they were a gift my bid starts at €1. http://cgi.ebay.de/vintage-Japan-wood-Geta-Sandalen-Grose-36-23-5-cm-/120751528289


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