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!DS: Navy plaid skirt, steel-boned corset for less than $20 each :D [!WTB] OTKs!

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  • My household is non-smoking and (unfortunately D: ) pet-free.
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  • If you are more comfortable purchasing through PMs, feel free to do so. However, please leave a comment here stating which item you are interested in and that you have PMed me, as a courtesy to other buyers.
My feedback is here

Navy and White Offbrand Checkered Skirt

I bought this skirt secondhand, tried it on, and decided that it was just too tight at the waist D: My waist is 28", so I would recommend this for someone smaller unless you're ok with a tight fit. The waistband is VERY stretchy, and can technically accommodate up to a 36.5" waist (although again, this is not recommended).

Due to the way the skirt is constructed, I would also highly recommend this to be paired with a cupcake petti, instead of an A-line petti. The back of the skirt looks the same as the front, and it is in wonderful condition! The only flaw I can find is that the elastic in the waistband has a tendency to twist.

Waist: max 26" (recommended, see description above)
Length: 20" from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the hem

Price: $12 + shipping (pp fees are covered by me)

Red and Black Offbrand Corset (steel-boned!)

Purchased NWOT a while back, only tried on by me! The corset comes with a modesty panel, detachable garters, a longer ribbon to lace up the back with (should you need it), and has twelve bones to help hold your shape!

EDIT: I recently purchased another corset that was clearly marked to have plastic boning, and after comparing with this one, I have to agree with the original seller that this one is a steel-boned corset (spiral steel boning, two solid panels in the front). The shop of origin also advertises these as suitable for tight-lacing, although I personally haven't tried. Shipping quotes for this item will be delayed until I can get to the post office and ask what the safest and most efficient method of shipping for it will be!

Bust: (fully laced) 26.5 inches
         (modesty panel fully extended) 31.5 inches
Waist: (fully laced) 24.5 inches
          (modesty panel fully extended) 28.5 inches
Length from cleavage dip to bottom: 15.6 inches
Garters: 8 inches

If you retract the modesty panel, the corset is pretty much free size, provided that you have a long enough ribbon!

Price: $16 + shipping and pp fees

Stock picture:

Proofs (sorry for the poor lighting, stock photo is true to color!):

Front   Back   Link to store


!WTB: Black OTK's

I'm slowly convincing myself that I may actually like OTKs, so please show me what you have! I'm looking for OTKs only (no knee socks, please!). Designs and logos and such are A-OK, but the predominant color should be black. Lace-topped pairs are even better :D I like my socks to be in new condition, although it's ok if they've been tried on!

Thanks for looking! <3

Update: currently awake, and checking periodically!
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