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!DS&Updates: New Secret Shop Shoes&Boots(Regular & Larger sizes) Pre-order; Petticoat

Feedback in here.

Secret Shop

Victorian Maiden Short Boots Replica Group Order/Pre-order Reminder
We will need 12 more orders(please check the page for progress) before closing this group order/pre-order. A 3rd pair of sample boots in Black Litchi Pattern PU size M(23.5cm) will be manufactured.
Colours: Wine, Cream, Black and Brown
Sizes: S(22.5cm), M(23.5cm), L(24.5cm), LL(25cm) & 3L(25.5cm).

As for the fabric&colour, we've collected the feedbacks from customers that's in this group order/pre-order, and these are the final colours&fabric for the VM replica boots:

Large Sized Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes Group order/Pre-order Closing
We've got enough orders for this group order/pre-order and it will be closed on 24th of July. The supplier will start preparing material ect. The estimated release time will be available afterwards.
Colours: Red, Black, Mint, Light Pink and Lavender
Sizes: 3L(25.5cm), 4L(26.5cm), 5L(27.5cm)

A second Large Sized Secret Shop Shoes Group Order/Pre-Order is now open - Model 9817(Heeled)
Colours: Black, White, Brown & Wine
Sizes: LL(25cm), 3L(25.5cm), 4L(26.5cm) &  5L(27.5cm)
For this group order/pre-order, you will not be invoiced immediately after you send in the order form, but at a later time. And you will be kept updated of this group order/pre-order.

Regular Sized Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes Group Order/Pre-Order
Besides Navy blue, Wine has been added to this group order/pre-order. We will need 15 more orders to close this group order/pre-order.

A 3rd Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes Model 9807 Stock has come in. They are available in stock in 10 colours and 4 sizes right now.
There are still a few size Smalls in other colours that haven't been sorted out yet. Please check with us if the size Small in the colour that you're after is not listed as in stock right now.

Regular sized & Larger sized Secret Shop Short Boots(ETC Replica) Pre-Order
Colours: Black with White fur, Brown with Cream fur
Regular size: S(22.5cm), M(23.5cm), L(24.5cm); Larger size: LL(25cm), 3L(25.5cm)
We will need 20 orders for the larger sizes.

Secret Shop Shoes Model 9601(BTSSB Replica) Pre-Order
Colours: Pink, Deep Red, Black, Deep Brown & White
Sizes: XS(22cm), S(22.5cm), M(23.5cm), L(24.5cm)

Secret Shop Shoes Model 9824 Pre-Order
Colours: Light Pink, Red, White & Black
Sizes: S(22.5cm), M(23.5cm), L(24.5cm)

Dear Celine

Dear Celine Frothy Petticoat II in White&White Trim is now on Reservation. The length will be shortened to about 42cm, like the Dear Celine Frothy Petticoat I.

Dear Celine Frothy Petticoat I - There is a couple of the first version in White come back in stock.

If you have any questions, please use the Contact Form. I will get back to you shortly. To make an order, please download and fill out the Order Form and email it as attachment to info[at]clobbaonline[dot].com
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