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DS: SS Socks, blonde wig, offbrand classic style shoes

Rules, etc:
- Priority goes to whoever can pay first
- I will consider holds if nobody else is interested in an item that can pay right away
- NO TRADES this time, sorry
- Everything will be shipped using USPS first class shipping, which is included in the price listed here.  Tracking, etc, will cost you more.
- Please ask for international shipping rates, those will also cost more
- I will try my best to ship next day for invoices paid during the week; weekends will take longer to ship because I work day shift all weekend.
- I will not be responsible for anything after it leaves my hands.
- My EGLFB can be found *here*
- My proof for photos will be my horrible green leopard sheets.

On to the items!

Item one: blonde wig

Proof ~ Example of weave showing through

I bought this off of a random eBay seller, and have never worn it.  It's just a long straight wig with straight across bangs.  Selling because I have a similar wig already which is nicer.  The quality on this one isn't the best; you can see the woven cap underneath when you move it in certain ways because the hair is kind of thin.  IDK if it's noticeable worn or not, or if styling it would help, so I'm selling this for cheap.  The wig is about 24 inches long and the color is pretty accurate in all of my photos.

$12 shipped

Item two: SS socks

Just like shown in the picture, never worn, only tried on.  They're not quite OTK on me at 5'7'', but they probably would be on someone shorter.  The pattern is on both sides of each sock, btw, which I didn't know when I bought them.

$10 shipped

Item three: Offbrand gray classic style shoes

Front ~ Insides ~ Soles

I bought these from Modcloth about two years ago and have only worn them a handful of times.  The t-strap style gives them a vintage kind of look which could work well with classic styles.  However, I don't wear classic, so I'm selling these.  They're an 8.5 US womens, although they could easily fit a 9 as well (they run a little large).  Condition is used but good.  There's some minor scuffing that isn't visible when worn, or when photographed for that matter (I tried).  The soles have some wear, especially on the heels, but that isn't visible when wearing them and in my opinion they still have a lot of life left in them.

$25 shipped (these will need a box)

Any further questions, feel free to ask me! ^^

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