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DS: Innocent World


- All prices are in British pounds. I will only accept payment in pounds. You can get an estimation of the price in your own currency by using sites like

- I only accept paypal.

- I do ship internationally, if you want insurance/tracking then please ask beforehand. I will automatically ship via airmail, because it's the best value for money and it is insured up to £41 anyway. Within the UK, packages will be shipped with Royal Mail first class.

- Feel free to make a reasonable offer. (: Though priority goes to anyone willing to pay full price.

- I can provide extra measurements/photos, just ask. Measurements are the taken from the size of the actual clothing, I recommend that you are smaller than the maximum measurements to ensure a comfortable fit. Please also bear in mind that these measurements are amateur, and may be slightly out.

- No trades, please.

- I own three cats, and whilst I do my best to keep them away from my clothes, as any cat owner knows, the hair gets everywhere. So, sorry in advance!

Classical Chair JSK and Capelet

I'm selling this because it doesn't really go with the rest of my wardrobe. It has never been worn. I would rather sell these two together, though I will sell them separately if I can find a buyer for each.


Bust: 92cm
Waist: 74cm
JSK length: 93cm
Capelet length: 30cm

Price: £80 (or best offer! :D)
Shipping: £3.50 in the UK, £5 in the EU, £7.50 worldwide

Tags: !ds, innocent world

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