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DS: dear celine, btssb, iw, rose melody

My feedback page here.

Price is listed in CND$
No PP Fees
Priority for buyers within Canada / USA & able to pay immediately / best offer.

I am willing to ship international, but there is no tracking/insurance unless you want to pay for ems.
I cannot be responsible for package shipped without tracking once it has been mailed.

BTSSB Trick or Treat JSK Cream $180
US shipping $19 - tracking/insurance included

info via hellolace
Measurements: 95cm length, 88cm bust, 78cm waist
only worn twice, bought off mbok

Dear Celine Chiffon High Waist Skirt 

waist : made for 72cm, but can go smaller with the lacing and bigger, maybe to about 80cm, only tried one. length 55cm

Dear Celine Summer Breeze Short Sleeves Blouse $40 each
US shipping $9 - no tracking/insurance


only tried one.
measurements : 86+-cm bust, 72+-cm waist. sizing made for but can go a bit smaller or larger, slight stretch in the cotton.
1 cream, 1 black.

Rose Melody Rosa Crucifix Coat $110  OBO
US shipping is $22 due to the weight - tracking/insurance included.

optimal sizing : bust 86cm 72cm waist. +-2cm i would say max for comfort.
more info here
Excuse the poor lighting. tried one only.
Mine is black & no embroidery, with poly lining instead of fleece. coat is heavy since it's made of wool type material.

IW knee socks NWOT $24 shipped canada/us
AATP knee socks (navy stripes )


ETC Black cutsew $50
I just got this in a trade, thinking it was black, but the main fabric actually has a slightly metallic look to it.
optimal bust: 86cm.
US shipping $9 - no tracking/insurance

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