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DS: BL Clock Skirt+Totebag set (Green) & Reduced Blouse

My business

I am NOT looking for trades at the moment but thank you!
All prices are in USD
Accepted payment options: PayPal
First to leave PayPal address, gets the item (all PP comments screened)
PayPal fees are INCLUDED unless stated otherwise
I have two cats & a dog - ALL items are thoroughly lint-rolled and inspected prior to shipping. Just a warning for those with allergies/preferences.
Please ask all questions prior to purchase! I will try to answer all questions thoroughly & quickly.
Please be clear about whether you will purchase or not!

Mailed by USPS
All items shipped from USA (Philadelphia, PA)
ALL items will include Delivery Confirmation free of charge (if possible)
All items shipped 1-2 days after payment is completed

Thank you for reading the terms of sales! Now onto the items...

Off-brand Simple Pintuck Blouse
by Apostrophe

My measurements are 34bust & 28waist and it fits very well with wiggle room.

Condition: Used once and laundered once. I can iron it before shipping if necessary, please indicate if you want it ironed!

Price: 15usd 10usd shipped & tracked within the US / 20usd 15usd shipped internationally



Clock Skirt + Bag Set (Green)
by BodyLine

Measurements: Up to a 30in waist - can be corsetted down.
Condition: Brand new but ALTERED
Price: 35usd shipped & tracked within the US / 40usd shipped internationally

These two items are brand new. The bag has not left the bag since I purchased it. The skirt has been ALTERED since for some odd reason, this size M by BL doesn't fit me (stares at all the BL skirts she has in M that fit just fine...). I've also tried this thing on once - finding out that it doesn't fit. I'm not a professional. The elastic has been removied since it only allowed for about 2 inches of stretch anyway. The holes were sewn up as best I could. The lacing ribbon has also been replaced (longer piece). I will include the original with it. Without the elastic, it fits comfortable up to a size 30in waist can can be corsetted down. The cuts/stitches in the fabric are also not visible underneath the corset lacing. Please also be aware of the tiny brown stain - it came with the stain. I have not tried to remove it. Like the stitches, the stain is not visible underneath the lacing. It can be reviewed in the 3rd photo, click on it to enlarge.

Older sales
AatP Victorian Card JSK (old pink) has been reduced from 180usd shipped&tracked to 160usd shipped&tracked! Click to see!

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