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DS/DT: Wrapping Ribbon OP

FEEDBACK: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/249675.html

-The prices include shipping within the US. I usually ship priority for heavier items, and first-class for light items. International postage will be extra
-Paypal only please, no payment plans
- Everything is OBO, if no one has offered for a few days I most likely will be willing to lower the price, so let me know your offer!

-At the moment I AM interested in trades, but only with users that have current positive feedback. :) So if you have an interest in trading for anything let me know and leave a feedback link as well! I'm pretty much looking to trade for another AP JSK or skirt. I prefer non-high waisted styles and I am willing to look at any print/color.

SOLD to KirapopAP Wrapping Ribbon OP
I literally just bought this but it didn't fit. :/ The print is absolutely beautiful and it's perfect for a casual coordinate but I wouldn't recommend it for anyone over 5'5. You can belt it off and fit a petti under it as well to dress it up more. The dress itself is in fantastic condition, there are a few pulled threads but its not noticeable when worn. Theres also a small pinhole in the back of the dress, as seen in the second image. But overall it's in great shape. I'd really just like to get back what I paid for it or trade for something that'll fit!
Length= 30in
Bust= 32-36in
Waist= Free size, can be made tight with ties or belted
Sleeves have elastic
PRICE: $180.00 shipped OBO

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty

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