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DS: Purple Silk Overbust Corset, steel boned, will fit a variety of sizes!


Shipping/Buyer Information

♥ Paypal only.
♥ First person to leave their Paypal gets first priority, please leave your Paypal address even if you're asking a question about the item.
♥ I live with people who smoke and I have two dogs, neither of which are allowed anywhere near my clothes. 
♥ I ship from Glasgow, Scotland.
♥ Shipping is not included in the price.
♥ Item will be sent first class Standard to the UK and by Airmail for anywhere else.  Insurance and/or tracking is at your own expense and is optional.
♥ My feedback link is here:

Item Information

♥ This is a 100% silk corset with a 100% cotton lining.
♥ The first picture is the closest to it's true colour; it is a rich purple.  The first photo was taken without flash whereas the others were taken with flash on.
♥ It has fish-eye hooks on the front and laces up at the back.
♥ When fully closed the waist goes to 26".  It has a glamour panel at the back and will therefore fit anyone from 26" - 36".  I wouldn't recommend for anyone with a waist bigger than 39".  (The 26 on the label represents 26" when fully closed)
♥ It has been worn twice and has been cleaned.  This is NOT machine washable, please consult a dry-cleaner for the best ways to have it cleaned.
♥ It has a silk ribbon at the top of the chest which can be tied into a bow or hidden; they are not detachable.
♥ I can find NO damage to this corset at all.  I have looked it over so many times now and can't find anything wrong with it.
♥ I paid £130 for this (the glamour panel cost extra to be put in).

Price: £60.
Shipping to the UK: £5.
Shipping worldwide: £10.

If you have any other questions then do not hesitate to ask.  Thanks for looking!


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