princesstetsujo (princesstetsujo) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB bodyline skirt, brown otk/socks, brown blouse, green socks/otk

I want to buy some things

Please make an offer incl. shipping to Germany. Here or via pm.

I pay with paypal or bank transfer (inside EU).

My feedback page is here

Thank you.


1. This BODY LINE skirt. ONLY in green!




2. Brown socks or OTK (with pattern is okay – without too)

I would like Innocent World the most, but you can offer me what you have.


Just for example:



3. A brown blouse. Short or longsleeve, both okay.

Brand or offbrand.

Important: Only  blouses that can be closed to the top.

My size:

bust: 96 cm

waist: 78 cm

bigger is always okay, since i want to wear it under a jsk.



4. Dark Green socks or OTK (with pattern is okay – without too)

Brand or offbrand.

But please no mint or light green. I mean "real" green like this dresses are for example:


 More dark is okay too.
You can also offer me other stuff in green. Accessorys, bags, ...



Thank you for reading.


Tags: !wtb, any brand, innocent world, offbrand

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