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!DS: Altered Angelic Pretty Skirt, GLW Blended Wig, Bodyline Shoes!


**Shipping is from Walla Walla, WA 99362 in the United States.

**I prefer to ship only in the United States and Canada.

**Shipping is included in the price unless indicated otherwise.

**I ship USPS Priority Mail (please ask if you want Insurance!)

**I accept Paypal and fees will be included in the price.

**Items come from a smoke free and animal free household.

**I do not take offers via PM, please comment here on the post.

**Whomever leaves their Paypal first, gets priority.

** FEEDBACK! <3 **

ALTERED Angelic Pretty Fruits Parlor skirt in Mint. $55 shipped OBO

 SOLD! to beautifultrims 

Has been worn about 5 times by me and will be hand washed prior to shipping.

This skirt was bought from an dishonest seller and was not in very good condition. The fabric had various unmentioned stains, the alterations were shoddy at best and crooked and just overall it was in poor condition.

It has since been washed and the clasps have been resewn.

Unfortunately, the fabric is still a bit dingy looking and the waistband is still crooked, hence why a brand skirt is so cheap. After washing there is only one stain I have been able to find, which has been photographed below.

This sale does not include the apron. The apron had bad enough staining that we just used the straps to make wristcuffs.

The waistband has been altered to fit a larger waist.

Comfortably it can fit from a 38 inch waist to a 42, but it can stretch up to 44 inches.

I've taken extensive pictures to try and show everything about this skirt so the buyer knows what they are getting.

I really wish I had someone else's FP in mint to compare this to just to see if it's just me or if it really is just dingy looking. The mint is much greener than the mint Angelic Pretty has used in later prints (like Milky Berry).

Print with GlitterAdded Shirring Panel | Crooked Waistband / Clasps | Stain on Waistbow

Resewn Clasps | Inside Waistband | Inside Shirring Panel | Marker(?) Stain

Please, if there is anything else you wish me to take pictures of, just ask, I'd be more than happy to.

Gothic Lolita Wigs - Lavender and Mint Blended Wavy / Curly Wig - $45 shipped

SOLD! to kyashii 

Can be seen
here on their website.

This wig has been worn about 3 times and has been sitting in it's bag for about three months now. I'm not a fan of lighter colored wigs with my skin tone, and it's just a bit too OTT when worn by me.

The base wig has been combed out and finger curled (a super nice thing about these wigs) when it got frizzy.

I have not cut the fringe which is a bit on the long side to be straight across, but just a smidge too short to be the swept aside bangs.

It is super duper thick, almost to a fault, actually, and the curls are nice and well formed.  It's one of the best quality wigs I've worn.

Claw | Top of the Wig where you can see really see the two colors used | On Wig Head

Fringe | Back

Bodyline Pink Heels - Size 26 CM - $30 shipped

SOLD! to darkmasterfox 

Can be seen here on their website

Bought these as my first lolita shoes and realize they just look horrible with my large calves and ankles.

They've been wore a handful of times and have some scuffs and dings.

Also, on the back of the left heel, the little bow has fallen off, looks like the glue that was holding it in place wore off. The bow will be included with the shoes.

Broken Bow Strap | Bow | Scuffs 1 | Dings and Scuffs | Scuffs 2 | Dings | Creases

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