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DS: DoL White Halter JSK, 4 Wigs (2 GLW, 1 Fantasy Sheep, 1 Offbrand), Cameo Choker

Terms of Sales

- First person to leave their paypal gets priority.
- Shipping is from NYC, USA. Local lolitas can schedule a pickup.
- All prices in USD
- Prices include shipping for US only, international please inquire
- Shipping does not come with a tracking number unless you ask for it. I am not responsible for any lost packages.
- I have a dog, but he does not go near any of my things.

EGL Feedback:

Dream of Lolita white halter jsk




It’s actually a very cute jsk but it’s uncomfortably small on me. According to DoL, the measurments are 75cm long, chest 80-95cm and waist 78cm, however my waist is 72cm and it just barely fits, and not very comfortably at that. I would recommend it for someone whose waist is 70cm or lower. The entire waist is shirring so it can go quite small.

Price $30

Cameo Choker

I bought this from a seller at a convention. It’s lovely, but I never wear it.

Price: $10

Gothic Lolita Wigs Curly Black Wig


For some reason they don't have a black wig stock picture, so here is the wig in brown to show the style


The base wig has been worn several times, but it has been washed since then and is in good condition. The clip-on pigtails have only been tried on a couple of times. However, they have gotten quite frizzy in storage.


Price $30

Gothic Lolita Wigs Wavy Black



Only tried on a few times. Same problem with the other wig, it got quite frizzy in storage. I’d try to brush it out, but I’m afraid I’ll ruin the curls


Price: $35

Fantasy Sheep Black Bob



It's a wonderful wig, very soft and realistic. However, I never really got around to wearing it. Only tried on once.

Price: $30

Dark Brown wavy wig


A beautiful, soft dark brown wig. However, I tried to cut bangs onto the wig with rather poor results.

Whoever buys this wig is going to have to trim it up. I suspect if the bangs are widened and thinned out, they’ll look great, but I don’t want to risk messing it up even further.

Price: $25 
Tags: !ds, offbrand, taobao

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