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DS : Snowfeild wrist cuff, custom made

My feedback here :
* accept only paypal
* Shipping fee : 4 for US, 8 for everywhere(first class). ask me for combine shippind
* shipping from Georgia, USA

Pink sugar wrist cuff - 35usd + shipping
more detail pictures are here :

Lady Lavender wrist cuff - 32usd + shipping
 more detail picture are here :

key and lock wirst cuff - 25 usd + shipping
more detailed pictures are here :

Pastel a la mode wrist cuff - 35 usd + shipping
More detailed pictures are here :

Pink bow wrist cuff - 32 usd + shipping
more detailed picture are here :

Pink lady in the night wrist cuff - 28 usd + shipping
more detailed pictures are here :

Bloddy cherry wrist cuff - 28 usd + shipping 
more detailed pictures are here :

I accept custom made wrist cuff too.
Any colors are available.
Bow and lace color options are : Pink, Lavender, Babyblue, Mint, Brown, Black, Red, Blue, Cream, White
Pearl color available in White, Pink, mint, babyblue, black

one  color lace wrist cuff starting 28
2 color lace wirst cuff starting 32
3 color lace wrsit cuff starting 35
 in any color bow

beads decoration on lace add 3 more
Tags: !ds, indie brand

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