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DS/DT: BtSSB blouse and white parasol

Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/204581.html?thread=3426341

Terms of sales:
* items come from a smoke-free, pet-free home
*  I do not charge paypal fees
* shipping is not included unless otherwise stated
* I am not responsible for lost items if you choose not to purchase insurance

I am interested in trades for blouses, either black, cream, or ivory color. Long or short sleeves are fine, but nothing sweet.

Item #1: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright cutsew blouse
This blouse was bought second-hand, and was never worn by me. I tried it on breifly for a few seconds, and then decided that it was too sweet for me. Price: $40.
(Please note that the mark on the left sleeve is a smudge on my camera lense ^^)

Item # 2: white parasol
I have used this a few times, but it is still in excelent condition. I am selling this for $8. LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY. Or I could give this to any lolita attending Otakon this month. But I have no idea how to ship this, it'd prbobably be too expensive....
Tags: !ds, !dt, baby the stars shine bright, offbrand

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