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DS: 20% reductions! great deals

Feed back:
All measurements are taken with garments laid flat
US buyers preferred/have priority over international buyers, but if you are an international buyer seriously interested in an item, add $10 onto the prices. Shipping overseas is expensive >.<
My home is smoke free, but I do have one cat
Sorry, but I don't do returns

This widdle friend we all know and love (at least some people have commented on how cute he is :3) will serve as proof

1. XOXO brand white blouse

ruffle detail (please excuse the camera strap):

there is very faint stain under one of the cuffs, but it is not visible when the cuff is folded. i tried to photograph it here:

Price: $9 shipped (originally $12)
Arms: 24"
Waist: 28"
Bust: best fits 32" or a bit less/more
Size: Medium

2. Forever 21 "velvet" coat-- SOLD

3. Tripp corset top


Price: $16 shipped (originally $20)
Arms: 21" from the shoulder to the wrist, 27" from shoulder to the end of the ruffle (the ruffle goes over the hands a bit)
Waist: 23" laced, 26" unlaced
Bust: 32"
Size: Small

4. Lip Service lace sweater-- SOLD

5. Black lace gothic/aristo style skirt


detail of lace tiers on back:

detail of front corset lacing:

Price: $20 shipped (originally $25)
Waist: 26"
Hips: 29"
Length: 24 1/2"

6. Liz Claiborne mary jane heels (black)

Excellent condition!
Price: $24 shipped (originally $30)
24 cm. in length
Size: 6 1/2M

7. Fan + Friend headdress-- SOLD

8. Claire's mini hat headband

Never worn!
Price: $8 shipped (originally $10)

Thank you for looking!

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