Fuzzeh little manpeach (missspastic) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Fuzzeh little manpeach

WTB: AP Lavender JSK/OP

I'd like to buy a lavender JSK or OP, preferrably from AP.  I will look at other brands, but I'm mostly looking for one in the stye of Angelic Pretty. 
I don't really have any specifications, except for that I don't want one with a print on it.  Florals are negotiable (such as sugary pansy.)  I don't prefer it to be shorter than normal legnth, but I will look at salopettes/mini dresses as well.  If there's a headbow that comes with it, I'll most likely want to buy that as well.
That's pretty much it lol ^^;
feedback here

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty
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