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Taobao GO~Open

 My EGL feedback is here:
My GO feedback is here:

I'm based in Los Angeles, CA

We're are ordering from Taobao using Taobaospree. Taobao is chinese, therefore the monetary unit is yuan.

You can use a exchange conversion site like

The duration from ordering to shipping to me is approximately one month, depending on product availability.

Here is a handy link for the list of shops:

The GO is open til the end of the month. Please submit your complete order by Sunday, 12am EST, then after that I will put in the order the following Monday. International welcome.
Cutsews and hats are okay.

Please read the following informations, if you do not read or understand the information, I will not take your order.

The GO fee is 8% of your entire order to cover Paypal fee and exchange rates difference. Taobaospree charges a 10% service fees plus 4% paypal fees plus bank transfer rate.

I only take Paypal. Paypal now will accept payment from non-PayPal users.

There is three stages of payment, which you are responsible for. First stage is from seller to shopping service. Second stage is from shopping service to me. Then, final stage is from me to you.

I will invoice you when you send me your order.

The shipping cost for the first two stages will be shared by the numbers of participants.

I will calculate the individual shipping costs from me to you once the items have arrived.

I will ship using Priority Mail with tracking for within the US.

For international, please select what kind of shipping you wish to use.

Also, once you have paid the initial invoice, you cannot back out of the order. The shopping service will not be able to refund me, nor will I be able to refund you.

Please pay your invoice within 24 hours of billing. If you need a little bit of time to pay, go ahead and leave a comment here or pm me.

Please email your order to with the heading [Taobao Anything GO] your LJ name. If you do not put that in the header, I will not be able to find it. Please do not leave your order as a comment.

How to Order:

LJ username:
Location: (City, State)
Have you read the GO info? Y/N
For International Only: Regular shipping or priority shipping

Item URL:
Item Name:
Item Size:
Item Color:
Item Cost:
Item Quantity:

Repeat the second part of the form for each items you order.

I will be able to translate and answer any questions you have with the items you want to order.

Thank you for participating.
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