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!DA, !DS: JeJ shoes, Dreamy Dollhouse (Mint), BABY watch, Alice Chess JSK, IW Circus SK & VM bustier


EGL feedback: 132 positive, no neutrals or negatives

General policies

  • I ship from Singapore, and am happy to ship worldwide.

  • The direct sale and auction sections are separate, but with regards to both I am also willing to trade/partial trade for JeJ's Crucifixion print (+$) or for Triple Fortune bonnets.

  • Due to currency fluctuations, I have listed the prices in my home currency (SGD).

  • Paypal fees are not included; these will be split with the buyer :) I also accept payment via personal, but please only use this option if you are fully comfortable with it.

  • If there’s anything I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask! I do check my PMs regularly.

Getting buyer priority

  • Any item goes to the first person who can pay immediately and has left their Paypal address to be invoiced, unless it has already been reserved by a buyer who has paid a deposit.

  • If my asking price was not met, items for direct sale will go to the highest offer that was placed first.

  • I will accept payment plans, on the condition of an initial, non-refundable deposit.

  • Buyers who can pay immediately or within 1-2 days take priority over buyers looking for a payment plan.

  • I'm happy to take offers if you feel my prices are too high, but please note that higher offers, where applicable, take priority.

(You can find the day/time in your local city with this link)

Direct Auctions
Minimum increment: 5 SGD
BIN offers and questions accepted via PM; for all other offers please bid on this thread. Please leave a comment on this thread if you have PMed me with a BIN offer.

JeJ Fleur et moi du jardin
Start bid: 160 SGD (~131 USD, 92 EUR)
SOLD to kirapop, thanks very much! ♥

Current bid: --
BIN: 300 SGD (BIN includes worldwide shipping + tracking)

Size M / 23.5
The insole measurement is approx. 23.8cm, and the outside measurement of the shoe at its widest (not sure how to measure the inside accurately for this) is approx. 21.8cm, looping the measurement tape under the shoe and back up again. You could compare these to a pair of shoes that fit you comfortably :)

The condition is basically great on the outside (true to photograph!); light use on the bottom of the heel, some marks of use on the inside of the shoes.
(side view)

JeJ Fleur et moi du jardin

AP Dreamy Dollhouse OP
Start bid: 350 SGD (~287 USD, 203 EUR)
Current bid: --
BIN: 450 SGD (BIN includes worldwide shipping + tracking)

No stains or flaws. The neck-ties are detachable, and there is a shirring and tightening panel at the back :)
AP Dreamy Dollhouse OP

Items from this point are available for DS

Direct Sales
BTSSB Pearl Candy wristwatch
180 SGD (~144 USD, 102 EUR), trying to get back some of what I paid ^^; Retailed at 13,440 yen (205 SGD). Taking offers!
Brand new with tag and in original BTSSB box. It's beautiful (the clear plastic sticker over the watch face is still intact), selling it because I need a more precise watch for work, and this beauty won't be worn out... as much as I would like to wear it.

The circumference is approx 19.5cm.

(stock photo)
BTSSB Pearl Candy Wristwatch (Proof)

IW Circus SK
165 SGD (135 USD, 95 EUR) -- Taking offers!
Great condition, no stains or flaws. A very cheery print! :D

Length: 59cm
Waist: 62cm~72cm (estimated)
* 62cm flat/doubled, 10cm shirring panel
taken flat and doubled

IW Circus SK

BTSSB Alice Chess JSK
195 SGD (~159 USD, 113€) -- Taking offers!
Great condition, no stains or flaws. A lovely dress in one of BABY's signature JSK styles :)

Length: 90cm
Bust: 90cm
Waist: 76cm
[hello lace] -- my own flat and doubled measurements are available upon request

(stock photo)
BTSSB Alice's Chess Print JSK (2008)

VM Noble Queen bustier
195 SGD (~159 USD, 113€) -- Taking offers!
Brand new with tag. Tried on briefly with a blouse underneath, I do like it but for now I need the money more; will not sell if I manage to save up enough . A gorgeous palette of florals, the gobelin colorway sold out very quickly, and wasn't available at the later sale price. Retailed at 17,430 yen (260 SGD).
(stock photo)
VM Noble Queen bustier (Proof)


10 SGD (worldwide): BTSSB Pearl Candy wristwatch
15 SGD (worldwide): IW Circus SK, BTSSB Alice Chess JSK
20 SGD (worldwide): BTSSB Alice Chess JSK, VM Noble Queen bustier
25 SGD (worldwide): JeJ Fleur et moi du jardin, AP Dreamy Dollhouse OP

  • I'm happy to offer combined shipping discounts. Shipping will be at the following rate: (Regular rate for the heaviest item + 50% off on all others). :)

  • Please add 2 SGD for a tracking number. I will always send out items with a tracking number unless you specifically ask me not to. For this please post your feedback link (10+ positive) and country (I will not send untracked parcels to Canada or Italy).

  • I will not be held responsible for items that are lost or damaged by postage, but I always do my best to package items carefully and well.

    Thanks for looking!

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