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DS/DT: Socks and Tights and WTB: White Shoes/Mary Janes

I ship from Portugal.
All prices DO NOT include shipping, please ask for it.
I have cats, they don't come near my closet but please beware if you have allergies.
All prices items are NEW and UNWORN but do not come with tags!
My feedback page:

To proof that all these items are unworn, they all have this little plastic pin that holds the product together and you can see in the pictures it has not been cut off (except for the tights that have the cardboard piece still in them).

Offbrand Pink Tights - SOLD

Beautiful pink net tights with a flower pattern on them. Perfect for a sweet or casual look.

On the Package from one of the tights it specified L/XL which signifies into:
Large - HEIGHT: 165 to 173 cm/5'5" to 5'8", HIPS: 99 to 107 cm/39" to 42"
Extra Large - HEIGHT: 175 to 178 cm/5'9" to 5'10", HIPS: 87 to 99cm /34" to 39"

Bought by:
-navnav (paid for, shipping in Progress)
-decided to keep ones for myself

Offbrand Pink OTK Socks - SOLD

Has a very cute lace detail on them and a little bow to match, not removable, its sewn on the socks, im afraid.

- 37 up to 41 (EU)
- 4 up to 7 (UK)
- 6 1/2 up to 9 1/2 (US and Canada)
- 5 up to 8 (Australia)
- 35 up to 38 (Russia and Ukraine)
- 238 up to 257 (Korea)
- 22,5 up to 25,5 (Japan)

Bought by:
- Laura S. (at EGL Portugal, paid for, shipped and received)
- tink_queen (paid for, shipping in progress)

NEXT, my possible trade list:

I know the items above are not worth "a whole bucket o'money" so i won't be picky if you want to propose a trade different

from what i have in this list but you think that i could be interested in or would be about the same price range of my items.

- Earrings

- Necklaces

- Fabrics


I'm looking for COMPLETELY WHITE mary jane shoes, with medium heel (no more than 3 cm, please, i have a cervical problem) in size EU 41 (which signifies into: Japan 25.5, UK 7, Aust 8, US 9 1/2 or 25.7 centimeters in-sole) and OFFBRAND, please.

I'm looking for something with a more vintage feel to it, like this:


Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, offbrand

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